Sunday, March 27, 2011

[Overview] GIVERS

Overview connected with blog entry----> GIVERS ; Mar 21st - 27th Band of the Week

With uplifting beat and energetic vibe, GIVERS is the band everyone should expect great things from. This past week was Spring Break for me, and I thought that GIVERS gave each day a voice. Though the band only harbors 5 songs from their 2009 released EP, each track had it's own energy. I love the vocals provided by Tiffany Lamson, Taylor Guarisco, and Kirby Campbell. Together, they cry out the boisterous and freedom-induced lyrics that make up each song. They're definitely going to provide some great background music for the upcoming summer. My favorite tracks from the EP are Ceiling of Plankton and Saw You First. And obviously, Up Up Up will always be a great track that gets stuck in my head over and over again. The only thing I can say negatively about GIVERS' EP is that I wanted more! Patience will be a lingering thing as I'm eager to grab a copy of their debut album, due to release this spring. I'm looking forward to what the record has to offer.

GIVERS is certainly a mood-lifter. Their lyrics seem to say "Cheer Up!" Spring has sprung and the air is getting warmer. It is good to surround yourself with feel good music in times like these.
Visit itunes for your copy of GIVERS' s/t EP.

Enjoy your listening week with GIVERS? Let .rapt know how this band has treated you! Write your own personal review, however short or long, in the comment section below. Always looking forward to hearing and sharing opinions!

Mar 28st - Apr 3rd Artist/Band of the Week announced March 28st, 2011!


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