Wednesday, March 9, 2011

A boot is hard to find [Trends // Topics] Mar 9th 2011

[Idolizing the trend of a good boot]

Yes, I'll admit I've pined night and day over eventually owning a pair of glorious, nonchalant lace-up boots. But why, may I ask, are they so difficult to obtain without ripping my handbag in half in utter frustration of inferior costs?

I believe the solemn pair of lace-ups I've found to date that I actually have frothed over were these dear little things from ----->

They are simply perfect....the exact replica of what I desire owning! And yet........that price. That heathen price. How can one of the working class possibly afford that? I'm simply not about to waste an entire paycheck on a pair of shoes.

.....though it has crossed my mind.

In fact, there was a time where I could have afforded such a thing.
But, being myself, hipster fashion at a retail price has subjected me to wallet-rape. I've been lured one too many times into purchasing an item far too expensive, that could be found at a thrift shop for 3 bucks.

The lesson here is to thrift more often and retail less. I must teach myself to own up to this lesson.

Back to the matter at hand.....where on earth am I to find brilliant lace-ups such as these at an affordable cost? I don’t believe thrift shops offer such salvation.
If anyone has the answer, I would be quick to embrace you and share my vast knowledge of the world as a token of my gratitude.

Just kidding about the knowledge part. I know of very little beyond my walls. But I would be very appreciative.


Film by Mario Feil of Vimeo
Song Featured: The Killing Moon - Nouvelle Vague ft. Melanie Pain

This masterpiece literally speaks to my soul. If I had the means necessary to capture film like this, that would be all I’d do. The footage truly highlights the ever-vast amazingness of our world. I hate how people sometimes overlook it; the beauty around us...Some people fail to see what they are so obviously and greatly blessed with.

"We live in a shockingly beautiful world. We are walking through the living kingdom of heaven every day; the colours, the sound, the love of others, the potential to create, the plants, wildlife, nature, music, all sensations of life...but if we refuse to see colour and beauty we may as well be in Hell.” – Quote by Noodle of Gorillaz

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