Saturday, March 19, 2011

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The week has passed by slowly. I know this is due to finals over-riding my judgment of moving time.
I couldn't keep up with .rapt as efficiently as I wanted to over the past few days.... but now I am a free bird! I finished my last final tonight, and with the assignment submitted, I heaved a sigh of relief and immediately picked up my headphones to take in some Broken Bells. Perhaps some of you have been participating in the listening week with me and you understand the calm their music brings to any calamity. The Clash also coaxed me into submission.

I've begun to carry my camera around with me where ever I go. It's really the best thing I've done all year...there's so many images to capture in the world. I catch myself picking out shots, even when the camera is not in arms reach. I think it may eventually become an OCD, but hey, you can never have enough of those.

I've been rather fatigued all week....whether it's the finals, or just me not going to bed at a decent hour, I don't know. But my roomie recently told me about this technique that natural healers suggest practicing in order to get better rest and feel alive. Apparently, yin and yang is involved in this somehow; one must go to bed by 11 p.m. and wake before 11 a.m. In-between these times is the best for the inner body to be at rest, or else it is unbalanced. It certainly sounds legitimate, but knowing me...I don't remember the last time I went to bed before 11 p.m.....I'm either sick or a toddler if I'm nesting that early. But, it did make me wonder if I should give it a try? It would be nice, now that I think about it, to wake up and feel completely refreshed for once.

Earlier in the week, I drove the long trek to the neighboring port town to visit my college campus, but the journey ended up being for not, so I picked up some marble sodas and scoped out the premises for my good friend Karla. After exploring highs and lows, I eventually found her at her apartment on the bluffs, in her pajamas with her kitten Nala. I swooned her out of the house with the soda. This was for the pure intention of visiting the pier, one of my favorite places in town.
The weather was gloom and doom, but the sun had some outbursts here and there. Harbor breeze and simple times. I'm ready for Spring, I can't do rain any longer.

My Jensen turntable arrived yesterday! And with some unbridled anticipation, I dove into the packaging and assisted the FedEx box in giving birth to the beauty that was record player. At 5 a.m. I put on my mom's original copy of Meet the Beatles from 1964, and though a little morphed from it's 40-some years of age, it began to scratch out the familiar tune of "I Wanna Hold your Hand." It was like going back in time, listening to the same record with my mom and dad when I was a kid. The Beatles live on in the Jensen's speakers!

Hope everyone had a jolly St. Patrick's Day. While I knew I had loads of material to cover for my last final, I ended up going out last night with the whole lot. It was fun, but certainly not worth the inability to perform studying tasks the next day. Thank goodness for the endeavoring soul.

I think after finishing my Occupational Exploration class, I've at last come to the conclusion that I'm going to major in Journalism. ....I think I've already claimed this as my major. But I'm more certain than ever now, it is the route I want to take. Surely this life will lead me to rewarding things in the future.

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