Saturday, March 26, 2011

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At last...Winter has ended!
What ushered in the new season was a moon of cosmic proportions.
Supermoon was...large on the horizon. But once it made its way to the high sky, it lost impression. This blurred photo captures its minor florescence. However out of focus it may be. Hush, it adds to the effect.

I'm so pleased to be finished with my finals. Somehow I managed to score the entire week off from not only college, but also work! I've at last found some time to sloth around the house, watch a couple movies, work on .rapt, and dare I say even participate in buoyant and spontaneous activities. Thank whoever made this week possible!

There have been many observed sunsets, and beaches tread upon. A few friends were home from uni and we were able to catch up and spend zealous time with one another.

It surprised me when I woke up the other day to truly luke-warm weather! The plum blossoms are emerging and the air is becoming lighter. Though the rain still comes at curious hours of the day, there have been a number of moments where I took a look around myself and realized; Spring has arrived! Summer is in our midst, surely. I'm ready to run into the sun. I feel lucky to be from the NW, but I'm beginning to pine for the desert stars and 103F weather.

Still desperate to make it to Sasquatch 2011, Mac and I have searched Craigslist for days looking for a decent supplier of passes. We managed to come across a few good deals, but thus far no one has responded to our graciously thought-out and to-the-point emails. This saddens. Someone throw me in a suitcase and smuggle me in. I would be fine with that. Sunday, preferably.
But if I, for some lowly reason, can not manage to deploy myself into the fest, I'll be heading to San Diego instead. California in May should be brilliant, and perhaps will take my mind off the numbing disappointment in not obtaining entrance to Bigfoot!
No matter how much you think you may know about music festivals and how to engage in the process of getting in, one way or another you always end up learning a lesson. This year's lesson seems to scream: GET YOUR PASS EARLY WITHOUT KNOWING THE LINEUP.
Next year, lot. There will be no waiting.

For now, I'm excited to be making way for the warm seasons. Hibernation is ending, and this owl is becoming a daylight bird. (sort of.)

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