Saturday, March 5, 2011

Mar 5th-11th OWL OF THE WEEK

Where would .Rapt be without the input of owls?

...Actually. Don't answer that, for I haven't taken owls very literally in my blogging life yet. But that begs to differ today. I've had an undying love for the feathered fiends for years. I see them all over the place! So I decided I would incorporate a bit of my obsession into my weekly posts, perhaps corrupt a few souls along the way :]

March 5th-11th's owl is an amazing piece of art by MejikoHI of DeviantART. I watch this las from my own DA account and came across her entry in my art stacks.

What attracted me the most about this artwork was not only the bird, but the colours and the rustic feel of the feathers. Among her other works, this has to be one of my favorites! For obvious reasons. Please visit her Deviant page and give her some love. Brilliant artist in the making!

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