Monday, March 7, 2011

BEACH FOSSILS ; Mar 7th - 13th Band of the Week

Without further ado, .rapt presents its first weekly Artist/Band!

Debut Record released in 2010, self titled [BEACH FOSSILS]
Followed by a second record released in 2011, titled [WHAT A PLEASURE]
Record Labels:
[Captured Tracks, Popfrenzy]
Currently [ON TOUR] ----Tour dates for U.S. listed HERE-----
-----UK Tour Dates listed HERE----

Beach Fossils originated in Brooklyn, New York City, from the long-winds of Dustin Payseur (James Dustin Payseur), a unique poet and multi-instrumental youth. "If something moves you, you shouldn’t be ashamed by it,” says the North Carolina native in a New York Press article (found here). Together with guitarist Chris Burke, bassist John Pena, and drummer Tommy Lucas, vocals/lyrics provided by Payseur, the foursome shaped Beach Fossils in early 2009 and have since climbed into the ears of listeners across the U.S., surely to be playing in the background of our soon-to-be 2011 summer days.

I was immediately drawn to their tunes... Not only do they lull me into a genre that surges my emotions, creating a desire to run off into a distant memory, but they also bring new life to surf/indie rock. Their influence drives from nature, as well as a mixture of new-wave, post-punk, and 1960's psychedelic composition. Their band has truly swooned me into taking part in a listening frenzy for the next week, and I'm inviting all of you to join me!

Here's the plan;
Each Monday, I'll be announcing an artist or band on my blog that I'll be engulfing myself in for an approximated 6-7 days. I invite everyone to do the same! Then every Sunday, at the end of the listening week, return to .rapt and post your comments on my [ARTIST/BAND OVERVIEW] blog entry (posted every Sunday morning) expressing how that artist/band has impacted you. Do a mini-review; express your likes, dislikes, or how the music made you feel. I'll also articulate my point of view and musings in my blog entry and discuss everyone's opinions!
I'll mostly be covering newer bands as a way to get some new names in indie rock out there! Together, we can discover new bands and fuel fresh inspirations through music. I would love everyone to participate! Doesn’t matter who you are…if you love music, then give it a go.

Meet back here at .rapt on the March 13th, 2011 to discuss Beach Fossils! Until then, have fun everyone! Submerse yourself in some fine tunage.


  1. Never heard of this band. I will check it out!

    Thanks for recommending it.

  2. Missy,
    Your quite welcome. Let me know what you think! More artists/bands every Monday.