Tuesday, March 15, 2011

BROKEN BELLS ; Mar 14th - 20th Band of the Week

This week's band creates a melting sensation in my left hipster bone.

Debut record released in 2010, s/t [BROKEN BELLS]
Followed by an [EP] to be released March 29th, 2011, titled [MEYRIN FIELDS]
(Available for pre-order now)
The band has four released singles, including "The High Road," "The Ghost Inside," and "October," All released in 2009
And "Vaporize," released in 2011
Record Label:
No tour dates currently.

Broken Bells is the collaborative work of two fine artists; James Mercer (lead singer of The Shins) and Brian Burton (aka Danger Mouse of Gnarls Barkley and producer behind Gorillaz.) Their tracks have been strung about my winter months like a well-favored sweater. Upon my arrival at one of their songs on my ipod the other day, I decided to partake in a listening week with all of you, to share the brilliance this band has to offer!

Mercer and Burton first encountered one another at the Roskilde Festival (a Danish music fest) in the summer of 2004. Both fans of each others work, they deemed to participate in one another's careers at some point. It wasn't until 2008 that they began formulating the foundation which would become Broken Bells, in Burton's LA-based studio.
By late 2009, they announced the band's activity and have continued to play strong to the present day. With a successful 2010 tour and solidly released record, they have struck a cord with the indie/space rock crowd. Their mellow, but experimental sounds mix an 80's vibe with a modern-day alternative jab to the ear-drums. Mercer's treble voice initiates a distinct product that allows the band to stand out broadly amongst the ever-expanding loud, in-your-face genres of the new decade.

“I think with a lot of my writing I’m trying to break somebody’s heart out there... I’ve always been attracted to that same melancholy in music; so I get what he’s talking about.” -James Mercer on working with Danger Mouse in a QTV interview, found HERE.

I find Broken Bells, while low-key, to be witty and calming all at once. I invite everyone to participate in some listening this week, and perhaps discover a keen fondness over a crisp band!

What to do?;
Each Monday, I announce an artist or band here on .rapt that I'll be engulfing myself in for an approximated 6-7 days. I invite everyone to do the same! At the end of the listening week, return to .rapt and post your comments on my [ARTIST/BAND OVERVIEW] blog entry (posted every Sunday) expressing how that artist/band has impacted you. Do a mini-review; express your likes, dislikes, or how the music made you feel. I'll also articulate my point of view and musings in my blog entry and discuss everyone's opinions!
I mostly cover newer bands as a way to get some new names in indie rock out there! Together, we can discover new bands and fuel fresh inspirations through music. I would love everyone to participate! Doesn’t matter who you are...if you love music, then give it a go.

[Overview] will be posted Sunday, March 20th! See you then!

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