Saturday, April 30, 2011

life / .Apr. 22nd - 30th

This week has been....difficult! Weather wise.
Torrential downpour for days...and then the sun will appear for a few hours one afternoon, then return to a cloudy abyss for more rain, and dare I say snow.
Albeit, it did not actually snow. But the snow level from the mountains did threaten to descend a few 1000 feet. Its quite saddening when summer is so close I can smell it.

At long last I had my long locks chopped off on Wednesday! It's definitely a change....and I've received mixed reviews about it.

Some have expressed that they love it, while others have asked if I got myself in a fight with a lawnmower. The most treacherous breed of comments I've gotten revolve around how young it now makes me look. Great. I've gone from looking 12 to 10. What's a petite 21 year old humanoid to do? Either get smothered in long unmanageable hair, or look like a child with a layered bob.
Oh well, it will grow in time. By June, I'm sure it will be the perfect length. For now, I'll relish in the ease of doing my hair in the morning and having less of it to shampoo.

I received my new black keds in the mail the other day. I somehow thought that a small in width would be just fine for me. Oh how wrong I was. I can't even fit my foot into them! Going to have to exchange them now through the mail, which I hate doing! I hope a medium will suffice...
Look at it. A shoe shouldn't be that skinny!

I did find some brilliant coral colored keds last time I was on their site though....I'm in love. I must purchase soon before they are all gone for the season!

Well, in the midst of my week, that is all I really have to talk about! Aside from the few minor get-togethers, work, and school. Homework really is getting repetitive, lot.

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Summer. [Trends // Topics]

While I slept away the drearily cold coastal rain of winter, my mind was filled with thoughts of desert sun, breezy attire, and endless warm starry nights dancing to beats of intoxicating genre. Summer; the only season where this owl awakes from the hibernation months and lives each day from dawn til dusk. A time to feel alive and to flourish beneath the reverberating sun.

all photos courtesy of google images, we love it, LF stores, & Chictopia.

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Wavves Announces 'Negative Dad' comic // Gorillaz' The Fall Reviews

Wavves' Nathan Williams has recently given word of a 12 Issue Comic/Cassette Project, namely Negative Dad, constructed with friend Matt Barajas. The comic is described as an "extra retarded X-Men" with a focus mainly driven towards individuals who enjoy smoking weed. This strangely interesting Wavves development holds nothing out of the ordinary for the indie surf band, who have already proven to be odder than the average musicians.


Gorillaz' record 'The Fall' has been released to hard-copy album and vinyl. Topping #12 on the UK charts, some intriguing reviews have surfaced.
Among them, Clashmusic has given the tracks an 8/10, expressing that the ipad-manufactured record is a delight, as well as a "Delicate Beauty." Within the soulful review, one bold quote stands out:
"By the time it reaches the end of its fifteen tracks you’ll have forgotten that it was made in such a basic fashion and, whisper it now, you might actually prefer it to ‘Plastic Beach’." - Clashmusic.
Read the full review here.
For me, the record is a lulling ambiance of raw electric instrumental, with the florescence of Albarn's melodic vocals echoing in a more ghostly and mellow side to Gorillaz' music. I can't wait to get my hands on the vinyl.

//.rapt Tuesday News 4-26-11//

Monday, April 25, 2011

STARFUCKER ; Band of the Week Apr. 25th - May 1st

Currently [ON TOUR]...Tour Dates Listed Here.
Captivated by songs such as Bury Us Alive, Julius, Reptilians, and Florida....the band Starfucker (tour pronunciation "STRFKR)" have done an intensely satisfying job in pleasuring my ears. Upon first discovering them, their upbeat sound and creative beats have never failed to produce that harmonious indie electro-pop vibe we've all come to know, love, and respect.
Don't let the inappropriate band name hinder your impression; their music greatly makes up for it.

Originating from Portland, Oregon, members Joshua Hodges (vocals, keyboards, guitar, drums), Ryan Biornstad (guitar, keyboard, vocals, turntables), Shawn Glassford (bass, keyboards, drums), and Keil Corcoran (drums, keyboards, vocals) have worked together since 2007 on discography including:
[Burnin' Up] EP, released in 2008
Followed by Debut record [Starfucker] also released in 2008.
2009's EP [Jupiter]
2010's EP [Starfucker B-sides] and single [Julius].
And their recent March 2011 released record [Reptilians].
(all available on itunes)

Under the support of their label Polyvinyl Records, Starfucker has reaped the benefits of the music world quite nicely since their initiation in 2008. Prominently going through band names such as "PYRAMID" and "Pyramiddd," early 2010 became the momentous year their permanent name Starfucker would stick....proving that profanity has its perks. The media has certainly had it's share of tunage approval... Notable instance when in 2009, Target grabbed popular track Rawnald Gregory Erickson the Second and threw it in with their "Pink Pepto" commercial. Long before any knowledge of the band, I remember hearing the catchy tune and enjoying it.

Although the band has had it's successes, there have in equivalence been plenty of scrutinizing. Obvious reasons would subject to their band name; however there have been criticizing reviews over live shows....where in the past, band members have dressed in women's clothing as a gag.

This is also seen in their music video for German Love (below). However, the band recognizes that they are in a unique position for harsh critique, and in similar regards, vocalist Hodges mentions that they chose the name "Starfucker" based on the curiosity of how far the band could get "with a stupid name like that."

Whether one can take the band seriously, their tracks are killer and their live sets are great to boot.... What more can a listener ask for, except a boldly distinctive character in the band members? But wait, we've been granted that as well.
Lucky us Δ

Starfucker is .rapt's Band of the Week!

Saturday, April 23, 2011


Or should I say owls? These rings are brilliant. I always tend to lose my rings...commonly because I take them off to wash my hands when I'm in public restrooms, and then I accidentally leave them sitting on the sink. So sad. I need to learn to leave them on my hands at all times. Or perhaps super-glue them.
(This is not me, image courtesy of Google.)

Thursday, April 21, 2011

life / .Apr 17th - 21st

The week has been filled with highs and lows. I'm beginning to plow deeper into the blogging world... I find I am most attracted to really strange, unique blogs either about fashion or photography. Very enticing material.... the photos always give me inspiration.

Earlier this week I went for a nice hike with the boy in question. It was good to get outside, although the weather did not please and my hair became completely frizzed from the moister of the forest. Nevertheless, I can't sit around the house for much longer. I NEED summer.

I've been trying to work an extra amount of hours at my job lately. Getting more shifts in and running around until my feet feel like snapping in half.... I have so much to start saving and planning for...I need to support my lifestyle. I just bought some new keds for the work days; hopefully they will do me more justice than my 6 year old condemned converse have been doing. As proud as I am of's time to let go.

We had our first semi-spring evening on Monday. To commemorate, some friends and myself built a bonfire and drank wine under the stars. The moon was massive; rising from the East at about 11 p.m. and lighting up the sky for the rest of the night. Some owls graciously kept us company in the trees nearby. Occupationally we could see the outline of them in the light. We played some classic MGMT and laid in the grass for a long time, staring at the silhouette of a distant silo and wishing we were far from our obligations which would return to us the next day.

I'm beginning to realize that soon everyone will be leaving. My best friend/roomie plans to move down to San Diego come August, if all goes accordingly for her. My boyfriend will be taking off for a uni in the fall. A few other friends are going off in their own directions or joining peace corp. Sooner than later, it will just be me in this little town on the peninsula. It has made me sad for the past few days, always in the back of my mind.....
I'm wondering where I will end up. I'll stay here for another year, finish my AA. Soon I will need to start choosing 4-year universities to apply to...and the fate of the rest of my youth will lie solely on what I decide to do come next Spring. Will I move down to California as well? Or will I stay in Washington and work on my BA here?

These are the things that have been cluttering my mind.

Whatever happens, it will be okay. There are paths everyone must follow; and whether it is the correct path or not, sometimes you just have to go for it and not be afraid of the outcome. You never know what could happen!
For anyone going through similar situations like this, I hope I have not detoured you :] It is good to know that everyone goes through these things at some point. I'm eager to see where my life takes me.

I've begun saving for Coachella 2012 already.... the entire webcast and review of 2011's fest really made me realize that I have to make it for next year. It will be a union of the youth once again. I found the perfect box to make into my Coachella fund. It needs some sprucing up and decoration, but I think it is perfect for the job.

Look who I found in a measly teen magazine the other day? Now it is not so measly. I really like Ellie's merch, especially that hat....

College classes are taking up a lot of my time. I've been avoiding an exam I have all week to take.... I tend to wait until the very last minute to take a test. It's difficult to make myself study and my work schedule doesn't help much in the process. Give me strength to endeavor, lot!