Thursday, April 21, 2011

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The week has been filled with highs and lows. I'm beginning to plow deeper into the blogging world... I find I am most attracted to really strange, unique blogs either about fashion or photography. Very enticing material.... the photos always give me inspiration.

Earlier this week I went for a nice hike with the boy in question. It was good to get outside, although the weather did not please and my hair became completely frizzed from the moister of the forest. Nevertheless, I can't sit around the house for much longer. I NEED summer.

I've been trying to work an extra amount of hours at my job lately. Getting more shifts in and running around until my feet feel like snapping in half.... I have so much to start saving and planning for...I need to support my lifestyle. I just bought some new keds for the work days; hopefully they will do me more justice than my 6 year old condemned converse have been doing. As proud as I am of's time to let go.

We had our first semi-spring evening on Monday. To commemorate, some friends and myself built a bonfire and drank wine under the stars. The moon was massive; rising from the East at about 11 p.m. and lighting up the sky for the rest of the night. Some owls graciously kept us company in the trees nearby. Occupationally we could see the outline of them in the light. We played some classic MGMT and laid in the grass for a long time, staring at the silhouette of a distant silo and wishing we were far from our obligations which would return to us the next day.

I'm beginning to realize that soon everyone will be leaving. My best friend/roomie plans to move down to San Diego come August, if all goes accordingly for her. My boyfriend will be taking off for a uni in the fall. A few other friends are going off in their own directions or joining peace corp. Sooner than later, it will just be me in this little town on the peninsula. It has made me sad for the past few days, always in the back of my mind.....
I'm wondering where I will end up. I'll stay here for another year, finish my AA. Soon I will need to start choosing 4-year universities to apply to...and the fate of the rest of my youth will lie solely on what I decide to do come next Spring. Will I move down to California as well? Or will I stay in Washington and work on my BA here?

These are the things that have been cluttering my mind.

Whatever happens, it will be okay. There are paths everyone must follow; and whether it is the correct path or not, sometimes you just have to go for it and not be afraid of the outcome. You never know what could happen!
For anyone going through similar situations like this, I hope I have not detoured you :] It is good to know that everyone goes through these things at some point. I'm eager to see where my life takes me.

I've begun saving for Coachella 2012 already.... the entire webcast and review of 2011's fest really made me realize that I have to make it for next year. It will be a union of the youth once again. I found the perfect box to make into my Coachella fund. It needs some sprucing up and decoration, but I think it is perfect for the job.

Look who I found in a measly teen magazine the other day? Now it is not so measly. I really like Ellie's merch, especially that hat....

College classes are taking up a lot of my time. I've been avoiding an exam I have all week to take.... I tend to wait until the very last minute to take a test. It's difficult to make myself study and my work schedule doesn't help much in the process. Give me strength to endeavor, lot!


  1. ah wish i as at coachella!! thanks hunni for your comment too :) and that fire looks so amazing!


  2. il 'etait une fois...- There's always next year :] And your welcome!