Saturday, April 30, 2011

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This week has been....difficult! Weather wise.
Torrential downpour for days...and then the sun will appear for a few hours one afternoon, then return to a cloudy abyss for more rain, and dare I say snow.
Albeit, it did not actually snow. But the snow level from the mountains did threaten to descend a few 1000 feet. Its quite saddening when summer is so close I can smell it.

At long last I had my long locks chopped off on Wednesday! It's definitely a change....and I've received mixed reviews about it.

Some have expressed that they love it, while others have asked if I got myself in a fight with a lawnmower. The most treacherous breed of comments I've gotten revolve around how young it now makes me look. Great. I've gone from looking 12 to 10. What's a petite 21 year old humanoid to do? Either get smothered in long unmanageable hair, or look like a child with a layered bob.
Oh well, it will grow in time. By June, I'm sure it will be the perfect length. For now, I'll relish in the ease of doing my hair in the morning and having less of it to shampoo.

I received my new black keds in the mail the other day. I somehow thought that a small in width would be just fine for me. Oh how wrong I was. I can't even fit my foot into them! Going to have to exchange them now through the mail, which I hate doing! I hope a medium will suffice...
Look at it. A shoe shouldn't be that skinny!

I did find some brilliant coral colored keds last time I was on their site though....I'm in love. I must purchase soon before they are all gone for the season!

Well, in the midst of my week, that is all I really have to talk about! Aside from the few minor get-togethers, work, and school. Homework really is getting repetitive, lot.

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