Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Wavves Announces 'Negative Dad' comic // Gorillaz' The Fall Reviews

Wavves' Nathan Williams has recently given word of a 12 Issue Comic/Cassette Project, namely Negative Dad, constructed with friend Matt Barajas. The comic is described as an "extra retarded X-Men" with a focus mainly driven towards individuals who enjoy smoking weed. This strangely interesting Wavves development holds nothing out of the ordinary for the indie surf band, who have already proven to be odder than the average musicians.


Gorillaz' record 'The Fall' has been released to hard-copy album and vinyl. Topping #12 on the UK charts, some intriguing reviews have surfaced.
Among them, Clashmusic has given the tracks an 8/10, expressing that the ipad-manufactured record is a delight, as well as a "Delicate Beauty." Within the soulful review, one bold quote stands out:
"By the time it reaches the end of its fifteen tracks you’ll have forgotten that it was made in such a basic fashion and, whisper it now, you might actually prefer it to ‘Plastic Beach’." - Clashmusic.
Read the full review here.
For me, the record is a lulling ambiance of raw electric instrumental, with the florescence of Albarn's melodic vocals echoing in a more ghostly and mellow side to Gorillaz' music. I can't wait to get my hands on the vinyl.

//.rapt Tuesday News 4-26-11//

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