Thursday, December 20, 2012

On this the eve of the end....

I'm sitting here watching the on-screen yule fire on Netflix, wondering to myself why I haven't updated my blog and how on earth I'm to expect myself to face Dec. 21st, 2012 without at least posting one last entry to .rapt.


Although the only thing that might cause the world's end tomorrow is that digital Pegasus springing to life and turning murderous from last night's butchered rendition of Ellie Goulding's Anything Could Happen by newly established Fifth Harmony girls on The X Factor. God, save us all from that mutiny....

It is unsettling to consider what may happen come daybreak tomorrow morning, but I have very little doubt that things won't be fine. What I've come to believe is that the Mayan's intended tomorrow to be the ending of an era rather than the end of the world....and whether that's correct or not, I'm standing by it. Despite how hopeless society might seem sometimes, I still have faith in this world. Even if I'm the only one that feels this way, I refuse to give up on something so overwhelmingly meaningful and life-giving. There are too many unexplainably beautiful and tremendously soul-swelling things about planet earth to simply lose faith in it. I know there's still good people out there....and I know that I try to be one of them. I know that there's a God, no matter what or where he is, and I trust that he still recognizes us and our endeavors.
Whatever happens tomorrow will simply... happen. And it's important to remember that every ending is followed shortly by a beginning. In light of this, I'll be treating tomorrow as a clean slate. It's never too late to try harder at being better to ourselves and to others; to live fuller and appreciate more. I'm going to wake up in the morning with these things in mind.

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

DOM ; Band of the Week Aug. 6th - 12th

That time again? Stop, I know I'm late.

I thought I would share with you lot a band that I discovered last year while at Seattle's Bumbershoot Music and Arts Festival. Since seeing them, I've purchased both of their EP's, finding that they are equally as good on track as they are in person. I feel like I always appreciate a band more when I discover them live.
This is DOM, ladies and gents. An indie rock quartet from Massachusetts who'll fool you into believing they hail from the sandy beaches of SoCal. Their music is reminiscent of a new-age Beach Boys... Perfect tunes for the surfing brood, and all beach bums alike. I don't regret getting dragged to their set that September day in 2011. DOM's become one of my favorites, but this goes without saying.
Dom, Bobby, Erik, and Dylan make up the foursome with the two EP's that captured PitchFork Media and Spin's attention over the past 2 years. Having formed in January 2010, DOM is fresh and ready to take flight. Songs such as Jesus from EP Sun Bronzed Greek Gods (2010) and Damn from EP Family of Love (2011) have reeled fans in by the thousands... and perhaps a few more after this post?

It's honestly difficult not the like these guys. They're fun, collective, and different. Although they characterize that typical indie rock genre, they also have unique ideas. I feel like they won't just be thrown into the ocean of lo-fi bands... they'll stand out. At least to my ears.
Enhance your final weeks of summer with an earful of DOM! .rapt's Band of the Week August 6th-12th.


Sunday, August 5, 2012

Week Two ~ In love

Although it hasn't been easy...what with the many stresses and upsets, and of course a few tears... when I look out over the ocean, I feel a wave of happiness pour over me. I'm in love with the sea. I want to stay! And I'll do everything in my power to ensure that my life remains on these beaches.

Friday marked week two of my new-found life. It's still so strange to me that I'm actually living here in San Diego and not just visiting. I feel like I'm due to head back to Washington any day now. I have to stop and remind myself that I won't be going back, at least not for a long while. I think my brain is still a little confused though. My new reality probably won't set in until I get into a better routine.

It's discouraging when you apply to so many different jobs and not one of them gives you a call back. I've tried all over San Diego and yet no one seems to want to give me a chance! Several times a day I wonder what I'll do if I can't land a job. I have barley enough money to sustain my bills and rent for August and then its do or die come September. If I don't have some sort of a job figured out by then, I'll more or less be out of money and I'm not one to ask for hand-outs. But I don't want to leave. I feel so invigorated here; so alive! I barely remember what it was like before I moved. I feel like it's always been this way and I never once lived that dreary life back in Western Washington. It's a good feeling.
So I'm hoping for a miracle to happen so I can stay.

Life otherwise has been fairly laid back. Although it's frightening to not have a job, it's been nice not having any obligations. But I DO need to eat, so we'll see how things go with applications this coming week.

I'm trying to remember all of the things I've been doing during this second week....The only thing that really stands out in my mind is my horrible sunburn on my shoulders that I got in PB last Monday, which is currently peeling like mad. And also my bicycling adventure around Mission Bay, where I found myself riding a beach cruiser for the first time. I had an immense fear of falling off of it, for the seat on the bike was about half my height. I don't know how you beach bums do it.... I felt like I'd never ridden a bicycle in my entire life. I think I just need to find one that's the right size for me. What's the fun in riding a bike when it's a huge task to get on and off of it? I about died each and every time! My advise to you lot, don't ride a bike if you can't touch the ground when you're sitting on it.

Everything is so simple and fun here. Really, as long as you have a little cash in your pocket for food you don't need money to have fun. I'm enoying every minute. But I'll enjoy it even more once I have a yob!

Are any of you .rapt followers locals around these parts? If so, leave a comment and tell me what your favorite things to do here are! I'll try my best to follow suit and give your recommendations a try in the coming week.

Photos of my second week in the southwest are featured below!

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Neon Indian ; Band of the Week July 30th - August 5th

Hey. I know. It's not the 30th. It's the 1st. You'd be late updating your blog too if you were consistently job searching and shitting yourself every time you try and get anywhere on the multiple freeways of doom around here. San Diego, you will either make or break me.

What's this psychedelic color-fest that you're viewing? A few synthesizers, echoing bass, and hypnotic vocals? This is none other than Neon Indian, lot. One of my favorite bands and .rapt's Band of the Week!

I think I discovered this lone soul in the Fall of 2011. His latest record had dropped and I happened to come across it sporadically on iTunes. My ears were pleased. This is exactly the type of music that I pine for 90% of the time.... Unique, weird, and drenched in reminiscent 80's sound. You can't get much more awesome than that! Neon Indian was one of the sets that I made sure to catch at Coachella 2012, and I wasn't disappointed.
Originating from Mexico and later relocating to Texas, founder and composer Alan Palomo began realizing his musical calling during his teenaged years. Debut album Psychic Chasms was released October 13th, 2009, which hit the right note with highly acclaimed Pitchfork Media, among many others. In September 2011, Era Extrana was let loose, doing it's job in reeling me in like a cod. Currently at the ripe age of 23 and with 2 successful records on the rise, Palomo represents the notion that the youth of today can acheieve anything; standing strong in premise creativity. 
Palomo does all of his own work, but accompanying him on his live ventures are band members  Leanne Macomber (Keyboard, Vocals), Jason Faries (drums), and Lars Larsen (Live Visuals). Together they've played at dozens of music festivals including SXSW, Coachella, Sasquatch!, and upcoming Lollapalooza 2012 and have performed on NBC's Late Night with Jimmy Fallon. This Texan kid is moving up in the world fast and I plan to remain loyal to his extravagant display of synthpop for as long as my heart holds out.
If you're looking for something new to listen to, maybe something to inspire you to dig deeper into your psyche, look no further than Palomo's Neon Indian. Era Extrana is my favorite record, I love the way it makes me feel...Like I'm floating off of this smog-infested planet into a world much greater and colorful. Best track by me: Halogen (I could be a Shadow)....It's pleasant, while also enigmatic. Don't you love my descriptive words today?

All big phrases considered, check Neon Indian out, lot! If you've been clueless to this band before now, then consider this my gift to you for the month of August.


Sunday, July 29, 2012

Week One ~ Cactus & Sea

I lied a bit ~ I said I would update about my adventures every Friday.... but I think it would be safer to give myself more of a range with that. I'll update every "weekend." Don't judge. I have a lot going on and not a lot of time to work with!
But there's always time for .rapt and it's illusive readers!

 Friday marked week one of my new life in SoCal. It's been a bit interesting.... I've run into a few unexpected obstacles... one being that here in the south, ants are a huge problem. And if a household doesn't keep up with it's chores, the ants TAKE OVER. This couldn't be more true for the abode I'm currently living in. Being a house full of people in their 20's, not much cleaning gets done....And so there are ants erupting from every corner!... Pretty sick, yes? Not as sick as the lack of cleanliness. I'm so used to living at home and having a mother to do all the tidying-up. It was a huge wake up call to enter a home where nothing is ever taken care of. I took it upon myself to buy some cleaning supplies and scrub every inch of the bathroom I'll be using, as well as my new room. The kitchen however is a lost cause. I tried one afternoon to bomb the ants that reside in that part of the house, only to come out defeated. There are too many and it's way too dirty and disgusting to even put effort into it. So I bought myself a microwave for my room. I assure you lot, I won't be doing much cooking unless it comes in a microwavable container.
I never knew how much dedication it takes to keep a house clean until now. I've somehow become OCD about it and I'm actually okay with addmitting that. Someone has to become the mom in this dump of a place!

Despite the cleaning issue, the area I'm living in is gorgeous. I'm in a canyon surrounded by desert and cacti. What a way to live... :)

I'm still job hunting. I had my first interview on Friday afternoon for a lovely place downtown... It would be an ideal job, but I'm a bit fearful that I bombed the interview... Merely because there was an aptitude test that I feel I did horribly on. There were so many questions on it that I would have never known the answer to... The manager who did my interview was also a bit gruff. I suppose all I can do now is wait and see if I get a call back. In the meantime, I'll continue applying to places and hope for the best. It's certainly discouraging being jobless though, especially when everyone else in my household has a job and is bustling about all day while I'm laying on my new futon pondering life and wishing I wasn't so poor.
I'm keeping my fingers and toes crossed though.

Not everything has been discouraging. For the most part, I'm in love with the sea and the climate here. The views and the plants alone make me want to melt.... I truly believe that I belong in the southwest. I just need to keep my chin up. There is so much in life still waiting for me. I need to take full advantage of this opportunity and run with the wind! Something is bound to work out eventually.

You're all great. Comments are loved! If any of you have suggestions for me, I could certainly use a few. At least for assistance with my job search!

Photos and film of my first week in the desert sun are featured below!

Band of the Week Update tomorrow.

Friday, July 20, 2012

And so my new life begins....

I'm on my way to my new home in sunny San Diego! I'll miss Washington.... but not the rain. It was hard to say goodbye, especially to my mother and pup. But it's time to go out and see what life has to offer me...Try to find my happiness. I know it's out there somewhere.

Today (July 19th) was the first half of my two day journey south.... Just me, my car 'The Power', and anything I could fit in her. It's been great, one big cluster-F of a road trip. I can feel all my clutter weighing my poor hatchback down... But we'll get there, slow but sure. I'm currently spending the night in a quaint little motel with no food except tea to satisfy me until morning. Just one of the many pleasant things I've encountered throughout my long, unending day. I'm slightly alarmed that I'm still coherent.

I've wanted for a long time to incorporate more of my life into .rapt, rather than just focusing on music.... Despite the fact that music is a large part of my life. Maybe you (the reader) and I have more in common than we think?  It would be cool to find out, possibly? I don't know, bare with me while I try some new stuff out.

I am angry with myself though for not featuring a Band of the Week for quite some time, so from now until the 30th, let's throw M83 at your ears.
 I'm sure most of you know of this collaborative band already, but in case you don't..... PLEASE LISTEN. It took me several years to truly appreciate their music, but once I gave M83 more of a chance, I was hooked. Everything about their music screams inspiration to me. I don't think there's been a day since April that I haven't listened to at least one of their songs.

There are many, but give these particular tracks a listen:
Steve McQueen (Hurry Up, We're Dreaming record), Don't Save Us From The Flames (Before the Dawn Heals Us record), Graveyard Girls (Saturdays=Youth record), Kim & Jessie (Saturdays=Youth record), Reunion (Hurry Up, We're Dreaming record), Teen Angst (Before the Dawn Heals Us record), We Own the Sky (Saturdays=Youth record), and Claudia Lewis (Hurry Up, We're Dreaming record.

Don't get me wrong. All tracks on each record are immaculate, but these are my personal favorites.


As much as I want to go on about my day, I think it would probably be wise to get some sleep with what little time I have to do it. I still have to take on the majority of California tomorrow.
Despite what people have told me about CA (good things or bad things) I intend to base my judgment of the state and the people in it on my own experiences. So if any of you are locals, make a good impression on me! So far, I have nothing but good feelings.

Wish me luck, lot!

Thursday, July 12, 2012

I hate Looking, but...

It's completely unnecessary for me to even peek at what's new at my favorite attire sites, but Nasty Gal has a new collection of items that I'm currently frothing over.

Really, I have no business looking. I need to save every penny I have for my move next week.

But check out what's new! Maybe one of you lot will find something you fancy.....


Unf. Look at those blouses.

Friday, June 29, 2012


Lot, I've missed you.

My life is changing so fast and I feel like now's the time for an update.

For those of you who have loyally checked in with my blog, I apologize for my inactivity. I've finally finished classes for the summer, which now gives me plenty of time to stop in and write about my life and muses. I've become a bit of a Tumblr addict lately, but as far as sharing my adventures and thoughts, I've waited to post them here.

As crazy as it is to announce, I'm officially moving to the Golden State in 2 and a half weeks. The boy in question is coming along too. Who knew?
After my visit to California in April, I've been looking forward to this and trying to prep myself, but to be honest I've never felt more unprepared in all my life. I don't know how to feel or where to start. I'll be calling San Diego my home in a few short weeks and although I've been contemplating and planning this move for over a year now, it's just now dawning on me that I'm actually, truly, 100% moving to California and leaving Washington! It's bittersweet.

I had an opportunity to move to Seattle earlier in the year. I could have easily gone through with it, but I had to ask myself: "What's going to make me happy?" Washington is beautiful, but the NW coastal climate is gloomy, mossy, and wet. I'm from the dry, hot Eastern side of WA and I'd give anything to move back over there, but I don't have any friends or family there anymore. I'm at a place in my life where I need to make decisions based on what's best for me, regardless of what anyone else says or thinks. When I asked myself what's going to make me happy, I realized that I'm at my happiest when I'm in the sun. Washington is my home state and I'll always be connected to it, but I've been given a chance to try something new with my life and despite the uncertainties, I feel like San Diego is the right decision for me right now. It's time to get out of this dreary, rain-drenched existence and dive into the southwest. I'm extremely pumped to get out on my own, but I've never done anything like this before. It's a bit sad to say goodbye to my mom and my dog. It's going to be an internal hardship that I'll have to deal with when the time comes. But I'm ready to stand on my own two feet and face the world head on.

Good times are definitely on their way.

 ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

There’s a feeling that’s been brewing inside me that I can almost taste....The feeling of reassurance. That no matter how rough things might get, everything will still be okay. The world is mine for the taking if I believe enough in myself.

I will be somebody. I already am somebody. No matter where I end up, who I end up with, or what I end up doing for a living, what matters is who I am inside and the way I see the world around me. I can either take the good things and mold them into my life, or I can take the bad things. And I choose the good things.

Never lose faith in yourself or the good things, because when something bad arises, something good is bound to be chasing right behind it.

There is so much that you should want for yourself.
I want to continue with school and become someone. But I also want to live.

I want to see and do all the things that I’ve dreamt of.

I want to be surrounded by people who like me; good friends.

I want to listen to thunderstorms.

I want to feel the sun.

I want to lay under the stars in the desert.

I want to stand barefoot in the red dirt at top of the Grand Canyon.

I want to write and discover new music.

I want to find what inspires me....and encourage everyone to do the same: To spread your arms out towards the sky and promise yourself the world. Even if what you promise seems impossible. Put faith into the notion that nothing is impossible.

This world has so much to offer. If you can just find it in yourself to reach out and grab it.

Maybe fate exists and maybe it doesn’t, but I believe that you make your life what it is.

So yes, you can wallow in despair and feel trapped by bills and unhappy work environments or people, or you can choose not to wallow: To chase after whatever makes you happy and not let anyone or anything stand in your way.
Because life is short and life is beautiful. And so many people decide not to see it; decide to live in self-loathing. But it doesn’t have to be that way.
There’s no rule that says you have to be miserable. You have the power to change your life; to change your future. And it all starts with how you view the things around you.
You can be mad at the world if you want, but why would you want to? Don’t waste the short time that you have here. Take advantage of it!

Swear your promises to the sky and keep them for yourself. And when you see a shooting star, don’t wish for money or fame. Wish to be happy! That’s the best thing anyone can ever want for themselves.

That’s what I want for myself. And that’s what I hope to find, out there somewhere.

I hope you try to find it too.


I woke up stronger than ever. 
Driven by big waves of fire. 
To run and yell all the way. 
Nothing can hurt me today. 
The world is waiting. 
Just waiting, just waiting.

M83 - Steve McQueen

Thursday, April 19, 2012

.rapt's off to the Golden State!

At last, lot. The time has come to hop a flight down to So-Cal. Hopefully all the prepping, buying, and saving will be put to good use. I'll be traveling this morning on 5 hours of sleep, acquired on Tuesday night, but I figure once I get to Indio I'll be able to set up camp and take a well deserved snooze. I wish I could catch some zzz's in the air, but I'm always denied sleep on planes. The extra passes, in case anyone was wondering, were sold! Glad to make fest-goers out of complete strangers. I'll try and update here and on twitter as often as possible. I'll be camping near La Quinta and will possibly see some of you at the gates Friday morning! The time has come, kids. Coachella valley awaits.

Friday, April 13, 2012

Extra Coachella Weekend Two Pass for Sale!

Sadly, a friend of mine can't accompany us to the Weekend Two festivities and due to this .rapt's selling the extra pass!

Included is a GA admission wristband and a Tennis Garden Shuttle pass combo.

Is it just me, or does it sound like I'm auctioning off fast food? Might as well be. These passes are in high demand!

Though I wish I could cater to anyone who wants to purchase the pass, I have to stick within my limits. I've sent the pass via rush mail to the San Diego CA area, where my cohorts are available to meet for a face to face sale.

Pricing you may ask?

Currently, I'm going for best offer. I would prefer to sell it for at least $400, though if circumstances become dire, I may come down to the original selling price of $350.

If any one of you lot are interested and want to attend 2012's Coachella festival, now's your chance! Contact me via twitter or email (found on contact page) for further info.

I'm uncertain about this, but there may be another GA pass + Shuttle Pass combo still available via my dear friends down in San Diego who will be dealing with my extra pass. I believe they're selling theirs separately, but if you're looking for 2 combo passes rather than 1, we can possibly strike a deal for both!

It's all about first come, first serve!

Have at it, lot. Looking forward to hearing from you! Don't let these extra passes go to waste.

Friday, April 6, 2012

Two Weeks and Counting....+ The Naked & Famous ; Band of the Week April 2nd - 8th

While those of you Weekend 1 goers have already packed your bags, us Weekend 2 brood are still stewing and prepping for our time to shine. Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival 2012 Weekend 2 is officially two weeks away....and I more than have my hands full with preparations for the Southwestern journey!

Though I still feel the need to add to my collection of festival attire, I keep reminding myself that the last time I was in Indio, clothing was far from necessary. If you're a first-timer and you're fretting about what to wear to the festival, STOP. Fashion is important and all, but the forecast will range between high 70's to low 90's during both weekends. If you wear anything more than a pair of shorts and a light-weight top you're going to regret it. When it comes down to the nit-grid, a good swim suit, shorts, and some breathable, light-colored shirts or dresses are all that's needed. Don't try and over-do it. You've already spent enough money buying your fest passes, paying for gas or airline tickets, and reserving campsites. Don't spend more money shopping! If you do have the mula to splurge, save it for band merch or food instead! Trust me, clothing is the least of your worries. I myself bought a new swim suit that I plan on wearing with a few breezy tops. I purchased some new sandals and sunglasses and a good fest tote also, but anything more and I know I'd be wishing I hadn't. Coachella is an amazing event, but it is also on the expensive side. You'll want to salvage as much fundage as possible to leave room for the unexpected!

Enough of my advice for the evening.

I've decided to toss a Band of the Week out for you guys...since I have homework to do tonight and I'd rather do something else.
I haven't done Band of the Week in almost a year! Curse my horrid lazy habits..... I apologize to any .rapt readers who keep up with my blog for the sheer reason of discovering new music. FALK. I'll be a better music blogger from now on.

The Naked and Famous, a band that has currently captured my soul in their rapturous sounds, is a New Zealand-bred indie rock quintet who formed in 2008. Band members include Aaron Short; electronics and producer, Alisa Xayalith; vocals and keys, David Beadle; bass, Jesse Wood; drums, and Thom Powers; vocals, guitars, and producer.

Releasing 2 EP's at the beginning of their rein, This Machine (2008), and No Light (2008) under label Round Trip Mars, The Naked and Famous went on to record and produce their debut album Passive Me, Aggressive You in early Autumn 2010 beneath their own label Somewhat Damaged. The songs on this album not only inspire a group of people to get up and move, but the lyrics are driven and enthralling, sending chills up your spine as Alisa and Thom's vocals shout out youthful promises to the stars.

My first time hearing their work was this past year while watching the snowboard culture film The Art of Flight. Tracks Young Blood and No Way caught my attention and later led me to purchase their album on iTunes. It was no surprise that I fell in love instantly. I highly recommend The Naked and Famous to anyone needing a motivational-boost in concurring the world. Favorite track Young Blood (featured below) makes me feel like I can do anything if I set my mind to life is being handed to me and all I have to do is just reach out and grab it.

Passive Me, Aggressive You can be purchased on iTunes or at your local record shop.

Official Website

Give them a chance, lot.

Monday, March 26, 2012

New Beginnings, New Header, and Coachella Updates!

Hello lot.

It has been far too long.

College has been eating up my time...... and also, I've been lazy. I'm finally on Spring Break though! And this post marks a new beginning for .rapt. I've wanted to create a new header for quite a while now. I was finally able to sit down tonight and do it!
How original, yes? A triangle for an A with space images flashing by at a crude pace. What can I say? I've been sucked into the trends.

I actually thought of this idea whilst dancing about in my room one night to one of my favorite songs, Julius by Starfucker. So I guess, just listen to that when you stare at space running around inside that triangular A.

Updates, updates, updates?!

None too exciting..... Except that I believe I failed to post anything regarding the battle I endured with the Standby page to snatch passes for Coachella 2012. I was originally trying for Weekend One passes, but of course most of them were bought out earlier in 2011. I then fought like a mad woman for Weekend Two passes. After about 2 hours of endless waiting and sweat, I received a tip-off from a twitter resident who suggested trying a different web browser. I jumped over from Firefox to Internet Explorer and low and behold, several minutes later I had myself 3 primed passes to Coachella's Weekend Two event. I have new faith in IE. It was worth the effort, but I was stunned at how much things have changed since 2010.
I remember that I bought passes 2 weeks before the actual 2010 event with old-school Ticketmaster action.
I guess this is what happens when everyone realizes how amazing something is. Coachella's popularity has caught on like wild fire. But with the lineups they've dropped over the past 3 years, it's no wonder. Passes for 2012's two weekend events sold out within 2 and a half hours of their release date.

That, my friends, is insanity.

I feel like I don't even deserve my passes, due to the thousands of others who were sorely disappointed when they didn't make it past the Standby page.

All I can say to those kids is to try again next year and don't feel down about it! There are so many other crazy-wonderful music festivals during the summer from coast to coast! Look for one with an adequate lineup and you'll be well on your way to a good time.

I have a sour feeling that this year's Coachella is going to be ridiculously crowded, more so than what I experienced 2 years ago. I'm looking forward to it, nonetheless. But it will be utter chaos getting in and out of the fest grounds every day.

On a lighter note, I received the passes in the mail on the 19th of March, and all I have to say is WOW. Not only do they now send you your wristbands ahead of time in a conservative "signature required" package, but you're given a bunch of other cool stuff to go along with it! Have a look:

Tell me, did they do the same thing in 2011? I'm quite amazed.

I've been planning my trip down to the Golden State for a couple weeks now. Working on my tan and wardrobe selections. I still have a lot to prepare for, but it will all come together in the next 3 weeks.
The boy in question and I will be flying out of Washington in the early morning on April 19th and land in San Diego, where we'll meet up with friends and drive into the desert. We'll be camping in Indio and be in line on the morning of the 20th for the 11:00 a.m. opening.

I'll be sure to keep you lot updated as frequently as possible! I'll finally be returning to Coachella, the fest that inspired this blog!

Do let me know if anyone out there will be attending either weekend!

I suppose I should also mention quickly that I've at last made up my mind and I'll be packing my things and moving down to San Diego this August. My homeland of Washington will be missed, but there are times in a youth's life where they need to dare to jump.

Have a great Spring Break, Lot. I'll be spending my week sprawled out on any comfortable surface I can find.