Tuesday, August 7, 2012

DOM ; Band of the Week Aug. 6th - 12th

That time again? Stop, I know I'm late.

I thought I would share with you lot a band that I discovered last year while at Seattle's Bumbershoot Music and Arts Festival. Since seeing them, I've purchased both of their EP's, finding that they are equally as good on track as they are in person. I feel like I always appreciate a band more when I discover them live.
This is DOM, ladies and gents. An indie rock quartet from Massachusetts who'll fool you into believing they hail from the sandy beaches of SoCal. Their music is reminiscent of a new-age Beach Boys... Perfect tunes for the surfing brood, and all beach bums alike. I don't regret getting dragged to their set that September day in 2011. DOM's become one of my favorites, but this goes without saying.
Dom, Bobby, Erik, and Dylan make up the foursome with the two EP's that captured PitchFork Media and Spin's attention over the past 2 years. Having formed in January 2010, DOM is fresh and ready to take flight. Songs such as Jesus from EP Sun Bronzed Greek Gods (2010) and Damn from EP Family of Love (2011) have reeled fans in by the thousands... and perhaps a few more after this post?

It's honestly difficult not the like these guys. They're fun, collective, and different. Although they characterize that typical indie rock genre, they also have unique ideas. I feel like they won't just be thrown into the ocean of lo-fi bands... they'll stand out. At least to my ears.
Enhance your final weeks of summer with an earful of DOM! .rapt's Band of the Week August 6th-12th.


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