A member of the youth and aspiring writer

 One April day in 2010, a buoyant girl with an ear for sound would stumble into the Coachella Valley Music and Art Festival....and stumble out a changed human.
 That buoyant girl was me.
After a long and treacherous voyage through adolescence, I entered life outside of high school with a vast world ahead of me. What would I do with my time here in existence? Would I dwindle away like the common folk or rejoice in divergence and venture into ambition? Attending my first concert in 2008, I realized just how completely alive it made me feel. Music had always been a hobby, but that year it would become a passion. I began learning more about the sounds that inspired me, attending festivals and concerts and writing about my experiences. It wasn't until Coachella 2010 that I realized just how breathtaking the music scene was. The crowd, the noise, the unity. It was unlike anything I had ever been apart of. One brave leap opened my eyes to the truest experience I have had to date.
In reaction to my experience, the desire to announce my presence among the youth erupted. Thus, the creation of my blog; naming it for a word meaning:
// Deeply moved or delighted; enraptured. Deeply absorbed; engrossed //
 .rapt began as a simple place on the web to write about my times at music festivals and concerts. It soon became more when I decided that I wanted to chase after my passion for writing. Combining both music and writing, I conjured the idea of a blog which could focus on not only music fests and gigs, but also life, opinions, record reviews, and much more. A blog that I could be proud of, allowing me the freedom to be as unique and verbal as I please.
This is .rapt; a blog to document the events and times throughout my expanding life; from the dream, to the realization of endless possibilities....