Thursday, April 19, 2012

.rapt's off to the Golden State!

At last, lot. The time has come to hop a flight down to So-Cal. Hopefully all the prepping, buying, and saving will be put to good use. I'll be traveling this morning on 5 hours of sleep, acquired on Tuesday night, but I figure once I get to Indio I'll be able to set up camp and take a well deserved snooze. I wish I could catch some zzz's in the air, but I'm always denied sleep on planes. The extra passes, in case anyone was wondering, were sold! Glad to make fest-goers out of complete strangers. I'll try and update here and on twitter as often as possible. I'll be camping near La Quinta and will possibly see some of you at the gates Friday morning! The time has come, kids. Coachella valley awaits.

Friday, April 13, 2012

Extra Coachella Weekend Two Pass for Sale!

Sadly, a friend of mine can't accompany us to the Weekend Two festivities and due to this .rapt's selling the extra pass!

Included is a GA admission wristband and a Tennis Garden Shuttle pass combo.

Is it just me, or does it sound like I'm auctioning off fast food? Might as well be. These passes are in high demand!

Though I wish I could cater to anyone who wants to purchase the pass, I have to stick within my limits. I've sent the pass via rush mail to the San Diego CA area, where my cohorts are available to meet for a face to face sale.

Pricing you may ask?

Currently, I'm going for best offer. I would prefer to sell it for at least $400, though if circumstances become dire, I may come down to the original selling price of $350.

If any one of you lot are interested and want to attend 2012's Coachella festival, now's your chance! Contact me via twitter or email (found on contact page) for further info.

I'm uncertain about this, but there may be another GA pass + Shuttle Pass combo still available via my dear friends down in San Diego who will be dealing with my extra pass. I believe they're selling theirs separately, but if you're looking for 2 combo passes rather than 1, we can possibly strike a deal for both!

It's all about first come, first serve!

Have at it, lot. Looking forward to hearing from you! Don't let these extra passes go to waste.

Friday, April 6, 2012

Two Weeks and Counting....+ The Naked & Famous ; Band of the Week April 2nd - 8th

While those of you Weekend 1 goers have already packed your bags, us Weekend 2 brood are still stewing and prepping for our time to shine. Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival 2012 Weekend 2 is officially two weeks away....and I more than have my hands full with preparations for the Southwestern journey!

Though I still feel the need to add to my collection of festival attire, I keep reminding myself that the last time I was in Indio, clothing was far from necessary. If you're a first-timer and you're fretting about what to wear to the festival, STOP. Fashion is important and all, but the forecast will range between high 70's to low 90's during both weekends. If you wear anything more than a pair of shorts and a light-weight top you're going to regret it. When it comes down to the nit-grid, a good swim suit, shorts, and some breathable, light-colored shirts or dresses are all that's needed. Don't try and over-do it. You've already spent enough money buying your fest passes, paying for gas or airline tickets, and reserving campsites. Don't spend more money shopping! If you do have the mula to splurge, save it for band merch or food instead! Trust me, clothing is the least of your worries. I myself bought a new swim suit that I plan on wearing with a few breezy tops. I purchased some new sandals and sunglasses and a good fest tote also, but anything more and I know I'd be wishing I hadn't. Coachella is an amazing event, but it is also on the expensive side. You'll want to salvage as much fundage as possible to leave room for the unexpected!

Enough of my advice for the evening.

I've decided to toss a Band of the Week out for you guys...since I have homework to do tonight and I'd rather do something else.
I haven't done Band of the Week in almost a year! Curse my horrid lazy habits..... I apologize to any .rapt readers who keep up with my blog for the sheer reason of discovering new music. FALK. I'll be a better music blogger from now on.

The Naked and Famous, a band that has currently captured my soul in their rapturous sounds, is a New Zealand-bred indie rock quintet who formed in 2008. Band members include Aaron Short; electronics and producer, Alisa Xayalith; vocals and keys, David Beadle; bass, Jesse Wood; drums, and Thom Powers; vocals, guitars, and producer.

Releasing 2 EP's at the beginning of their rein, This Machine (2008), and No Light (2008) under label Round Trip Mars, The Naked and Famous went on to record and produce their debut album Passive Me, Aggressive You in early Autumn 2010 beneath their own label Somewhat Damaged. The songs on this album not only inspire a group of people to get up and move, but the lyrics are driven and enthralling, sending chills up your spine as Alisa and Thom's vocals shout out youthful promises to the stars.

My first time hearing their work was this past year while watching the snowboard culture film The Art of Flight. Tracks Young Blood and No Way caught my attention and later led me to purchase their album on iTunes. It was no surprise that I fell in love instantly. I highly recommend The Naked and Famous to anyone needing a motivational-boost in concurring the world. Favorite track Young Blood (featured below) makes me feel like I can do anything if I set my mind to life is being handed to me and all I have to do is just reach out and grab it.

Passive Me, Aggressive You can be purchased on iTunes or at your local record shop.

Official Website

Give them a chance, lot.