Thursday, April 19, 2012

.rapt's off to the Golden State!

At last, lot. The time has come to hop a flight down to So-Cal. Hopefully all the prepping, buying, and saving will be put to good use. I'll be traveling this morning on 5 hours of sleep, acquired on Tuesday night, but I figure once I get to Indio I'll be able to set up camp and take a well deserved snooze. I wish I could catch some zzz's in the air, but I'm always denied sleep on planes. The extra passes, in case anyone was wondering, were sold! Glad to make fest-goers out of complete strangers. I'll try and update here and on twitter as often as possible. I'll be camping near La Quinta and will possibly see some of you at the gates Friday morning! The time has come, kids. Coachella valley awaits.

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