Sunday, July 29, 2012

Week One ~ Cactus & Sea

I lied a bit ~ I said I would update about my adventures every Friday.... but I think it would be safer to give myself more of a range with that. I'll update every "weekend." Don't judge. I have a lot going on and not a lot of time to work with!
But there's always time for .rapt and it's illusive readers!

 Friday marked week one of my new life in SoCal. It's been a bit interesting.... I've run into a few unexpected obstacles... one being that here in the south, ants are a huge problem. And if a household doesn't keep up with it's chores, the ants TAKE OVER. This couldn't be more true for the abode I'm currently living in. Being a house full of people in their 20's, not much cleaning gets done....And so there are ants erupting from every corner!... Pretty sick, yes? Not as sick as the lack of cleanliness. I'm so used to living at home and having a mother to do all the tidying-up. It was a huge wake up call to enter a home where nothing is ever taken care of. I took it upon myself to buy some cleaning supplies and scrub every inch of the bathroom I'll be using, as well as my new room. The kitchen however is a lost cause. I tried one afternoon to bomb the ants that reside in that part of the house, only to come out defeated. There are too many and it's way too dirty and disgusting to even put effort into it. So I bought myself a microwave for my room. I assure you lot, I won't be doing much cooking unless it comes in a microwavable container.
I never knew how much dedication it takes to keep a house clean until now. I've somehow become OCD about it and I'm actually okay with addmitting that. Someone has to become the mom in this dump of a place!

Despite the cleaning issue, the area I'm living in is gorgeous. I'm in a canyon surrounded by desert and cacti. What a way to live... :)

I'm still job hunting. I had my first interview on Friday afternoon for a lovely place downtown... It would be an ideal job, but I'm a bit fearful that I bombed the interview... Merely because there was an aptitude test that I feel I did horribly on. There were so many questions on it that I would have never known the answer to... The manager who did my interview was also a bit gruff. I suppose all I can do now is wait and see if I get a call back. In the meantime, I'll continue applying to places and hope for the best. It's certainly discouraging being jobless though, especially when everyone else in my household has a job and is bustling about all day while I'm laying on my new futon pondering life and wishing I wasn't so poor.
I'm keeping my fingers and toes crossed though.

Not everything has been discouraging. For the most part, I'm in love with the sea and the climate here. The views and the plants alone make me want to melt.... I truly believe that I belong in the southwest. I just need to keep my chin up. There is so much in life still waiting for me. I need to take full advantage of this opportunity and run with the wind! Something is bound to work out eventually.

You're all great. Comments are loved! If any of you have suggestions for me, I could certainly use a few. At least for assistance with my job search!

Photos and film of my first week in the desert sun are featured below!

Band of the Week Update tomorrow.

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