Friday, March 11, 2011

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The week has been eventful, while uneventful. Off the top of my head I can recall a blatant number of things I participated of which involved tire tread. I won't go into that.

My best friend moved in with me last Wednesday, and thus far things have gone predictably smooth. While I had no doubt it would, there was momentary hesitation where I thought I may not enjoy sharing life with a roomie after being an only child 100% of my days. However, we are together quite often anyway, so this is no different than merely seeing her daily. The only problem I've seemed to run into is bobby pen theft. Aside from that, Mac and I are feeding and nesting contently amongst each other.

I witnessed a spider for the first time this year in my bathroom. While I bluntly denied it's salutation, it made me spring nearing? Please, tell me it is. I am rather weary of winter days. It seems to drag on far too long where I live. Whether the Calendar ushers in spring or not, it continues to rain profusely until late April. And then off and on for the rest of the year until it becomes winter again. Depressing, yes? But there will surely be some sun in-between all that, and I am pining for summer and the outdoors. I think I'll just purchase some rain boots and have at it early!

Sleep sounds nice. I've been getting less and less of it since Mac made roost. I want to sleep, trust this bird. But I am prevented from doing so due to the back of my mind telling me to stay energetic and look like I'm doing something important at all times ....what do I have that's important? I've ignored my homework for the past week. We won't speak any further of this.

Weather pattern: Raining, raining.... was sunny, but now raining. And then it is night.

My Dailybooth will soon be active, I think. I've been wanting to make an attempt to begin a pictorial project of some sort. Maybe instead of using my webcam, I'll just take a picture with my g11 and keep it snazzy. This might not be very meaningful information to anyone.

Have you heard? They're making a vinyl edition of Gorillaz' The Fall. While I found the tracks to be....overly unique....I'm eager to purchase a copy. I just ordered my Jensen Turntable last night! That has to be the highlight of my week. (I'm grinning widely as I type this)

I'm officially registered for Spring Quarter classes! 4 more quarters at God forsaken community college and I'll begin my journalism major! :] I can't wait for that day. In the mean time, I'll be taking another math class (sick), a world civ class, and an interview skills class...... don't question it.

My life seems to have become a listless one... But I did capture a few still-frames to document the aspects of my days.

The contents of my mind this week have been majorily, but not in order of relevance, consisting of;
-Beach Fossils
-Thoughts of the ocean
-Putting 2D and Noodle of Gorillaz into romantic situations for my own musings.
-Dreams of Summer life
-Ways to improve .rapt
-Wishing to Nap
-Realizing the desire to pick back up the guitar
-And the idea of a sooner rather than later night time forest adventure with friends
[all this while the song The Killing Moon by Nouvelle Vague circulates my brain.]

Until next week, lot.

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