Sunday, March 13, 2011

[OVERVIEW] Beach Fossils

Overview connected with blog entry ----> BEACH FOSSILS ; Mar 7th - 13th Band of the Week

The rusty echo of a summer long ago. Running through sand towards an open blue sea; the vast thing. Envisioning something in the future; the voices of appending warm air. A considerably wide sky and the perceptive words spoken to it. Tepid, positive, and sincere.

Beach Fossils' Chris Burke, John Pena, Tommy Lucas, and Dustin Payseur come together to create a vision of longevity through their lyrics; weaving insightful statements into their lulling guitar notes. Whether one cares or means to understand what their songs are saying, you eventually appreciate them as you listen to the softly sharp melodies and distance tones. Vocalist/songwriter Payseur has truly managed to construct an indie surf band that has moved me.

I find it to be easy-listening; Good music to take a drive or contemplate life to. I can easily see myself planning out a future excursion with 'DayDream' playing in the background. Beach Fossils' sound is ideal for simply thriving in day to day life, in a calm and nature-induced mindset. During my listening week, I did a lot of in-town traveling while Beach Fossils serenaded me and my accomplices. My roomie and best friend asked; "Who is this?" I let her in on my Beach Fossils tunes and she immediately wanted to collect some tracks of her own. It makes for great wake up and start your day music.
Overall, my preferred tracks thus far have been 'Sometimes', 'Daydream', 'The Horse', and 'Lazy Day.'

I'd love to do a record review of their latest album What a Pleasure. Until then, I'll continue to wrap myself up beside the beach and float away with Beach Fossils in my ears.
Reminder: Beach Fossils is currently [ON TOUR]
Here are the US Tour Dates HERE
And UK Tour Dates HERE

Visit itunes store for your own copy of tracks from both their self-titled debut record Beach Fossils (2010) and their 2011 record released March 8th: What a Pleasure.

Hope everyone had a great listening week!

I would still love to hear some of your own perspectives and views of Beach Fossils. Leave your comments below if you have any! Or just sit there with your good looks. As long as you had a chance to discover a fresh band, I've done my job.

Mar 14th - 20th Band/Artist of the Week announced tomorrow!

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