Sunday, March 20, 2011

[OVERVIEW] Broken Bells

Overview connected with blog entry ------> BROKEN BELLS ; Mar 14th - 20th Band of the Week

The melodic, soothing, humming 80's space rock of Broken Bells filled my head this past week. Perfectly timed with the SuperMoon engagement on Saturday the 19th, this band is ideal for just lying in some grass and staring up at the night sky. A brilliant source of ‘slice of life’ tunes, best listened to during daily grinds. Driving home with the moon beaming in my rear-view mirror, I felt connected with the natural night life around me as James Mercer’s voice blared through my speakers.
The sounds are reminiscent to the genres of the past...reflecting, to me, much of the sounds of the 80's. There's a slight early U2 in their style. The lyrics make me think of what's to come in the future, but keeping in mind the memories of the past. Edgy space-age mixed with earthly elements.

I truly would love to see a new record released by Broken Bells in the next couple years...there's so much potential brewing amongst the rustic guitars and colorful collection of drums and voices. James Mercer and Brian Burton's collaboration complement each other in both lyric and vibe. To see two rousing artists come together to create an even more stirring anthology of music captivates me and drives the desire for more of their work.
Two of their best pieces from my perspective are Vaporize and The Mall and Misery. I could drift away on those tracks any day.

Reminder: Broken Bells' [EP] release comes out March 29th, 2011, titled [MEYRIN FIELDS] (PRE-ORDER YOUR COPY HERE)
And please support Broken Bells' s/t debut record Broken Bells by visiting your itunes store and purchasing your own copy of tracks. It is most definitely worth your while.

Enjoy your listening week with Broken Bells? Let .rapt know how this band has treated you! Write your own personal review, however short or long, in the comment section below. Always looking forward to hearing and sharing opinions!

Mar 21st - 27th Artist/Band of the Week announced March 21st, 2011!


  1. Cool, I've never heard of this group, awesome :) Thanks for the heads uup, great blog :)

  2. love broken bells, their debut is so nice. i saw them in la last year and was pretty impressed with their live show as well!

  3. Dannie - You're welcome! Enjoy the music. And thank you :]

    SML - Nice! I have no doubt their live show is well worth seeing! Hoping to catch one of their gigs someday.

  4. i love broken bells!! so good!

  5. Leather & Lace - I know, completely love their sound!