Tuesday, March 22, 2011

GIVERS ; Mar 21st - 27th Band of the Week

With buoyancy and pizazz, GIVERS from Lafayette, Louisiana takes the stage for .rapt's Band of the Week!

Currently recording their Debut Record, due out Spring 2011.
A current [EP] is available, s/t and s/p GIVERS, which was released in 2009. Tracks available on itunes.
Record Label:
[Glassnote Music]
Recently on tour with band mate friends Ra Ra Riot...
With singular tours this passed January with Pepper Rabbit.

Friends throughout high school and college, GIVERS' band members Tiffany Lamson (vocalist and percussionist), Taylor Guarisco (vocalist and guitarist), Kirby Campbell (drummer and vocalist), and Josh LeBlanc (bassist and guitarist), played with various different groups throughout the Lafayette area before coming together to form what is now an aspiring and energetic collection of young musicians, proving themselves in the Indie music industry. Since emerging with their self-produced [EP] in 2009, GIVERS have toured with subjected bands such as Ra Ra Riot and Dirty Projectors. Named “Best of What’s Next” by PASTE Magazine. And “Band to Watch” by Stereogum, GIVERS is rapidly climbing the ladder to success with songs such as Up Up Up and Saw you First.

There's truly a 'Vampire Weekend' sort of vibe about them. Described as psychedelic, homegrown exoticism, and rattling optimism/joy.
GIVERS' recently performed at Austin TX's SXSW 2011 with an uplifting and vibrant rendition of their song Up Up Up.

You can really feel their music...and watching their performance, you can quite literally see how passionate and connected they are to delivering amazing sounds.

With their genuine antics, GIVERS is the band to listen to this week!

What to do?;
Each Monday, I announce an artist or band here on .rapt that I'll be engulfing myself in for an approximated 6-7 days. I invite everyone to do the same! At the end of the listening week, return to .rapt and post your comments on my [ARTIST/BAND OVERVIEW] blog entry (posted every Sunday) expressing how that artist/band has impacted you. Do a mini-review; express your likes, dislikes, or how the music made you feel. I'll also articulate my point of view and musings in my blog entry and discuss everyone's opinions!
I mostly cover newer bands as a way to get some names in indie rock out there! Together, we can discover new bands and fuel fresh inspirations through music. I would love everyone to participate! Doesn’t matter who you are...if you love music, then give it a go.

[Overview] will be posted Sunday, March 27th! Catch you then, lot.


  1. I love this idea! I've been wanting to listen to new bands so this is perfect!


  2. A, J and S - :] Thanks! New bands every Monday!