Monday, May 16, 2011

Ringo Deathstarr ; Band of the Week May 16th - 22nd

Unhinged from the norm, Ringo Deathstarr has succeeded in quaking the seams of my skull in sonic reverbs and sound. Ghostly reminders of a distant tomorrow beam through the echo-enhanced lyrics; a better life, far from this one, looking through fog towards the sun.

Active since 2007, this shoegaze band from Austin, TX has been serging through playlists and opening ears of the youth across the states with singles such as So High and In Love. Since their debut EP released in 07, s/t Ringo Deathstarr, there have been notable records including Sparkler, released in 2009, and most recent 2011's Colour Trip. Labeled by Club AC30 (UK & Europe), Sonic Unyon (USA / Canada), and Vinyl Junkie (Japan), members Elliott Frazier, Daniel coborn, and Alex gehring have been influenced by names such as The Jesus And Mary Chain, My Bloody Valentine, and The Cure.

Currently [ON TOUR] Dates Listed Here.
What draws me in is the unique attitude they possess as a group. You can see it in their homemade-looking music videos and the humor expressed between each member. Their mission is to make true music and have fun doing it, leaving out the stern image some artists tend to convey. This lot can easily be associated with any one of their listeners, and that is what attracts me to them.
Have a listen and see for yourself, .rapt's Band of the Week Ringo Deathstarr won't let you down.


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