Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Ellie At Royal Wedding // New Material from Pixies?

Elena Jane, I can't get enough of you.
British singer/songwriter Ellie Goulding performed at one of the most coveted events of the year; the royal wedding, this past Friday. The songbird expressed that singing for the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge "Was a very surreal, incredible experience. I'll never forget it. It was amazing."
Meeting William and Kate at a festival in 2010, Ellie was shocked when asked to perform at the reception almost a year later. Such a feat for the ever-brilliant UK-bred phenomena.


Are Pixies back at it?
While their reunion tour "Doolittle" has created an uproar of nostalgia amongst fans, for many the tour has uprooted the desire for fresh most notably Bono of U2 yearns for something new as well!
After nearly two decades, the band says that it is definitely a possibility. However, it must be cleverly thought out. Drummer David Lovering states: "The thing is, we want to protect the legacy. If we do something, it better be good. And as we go along - it's been seven years now - it gets more difficult to make that decision."
In reaction to Bono's calling for new jams, Lovering humorously replies, "He's like, 'Please make a record!' Goddamn, we can't leave that unturned. That would frustrate me. It would."
No matter the outcome, Pixies lives on as a rock band legend.
I'm all for some new stuff. How great would it be to be thrown fresh songs that fit in with their monumental originals?
Let the music thrive on!

//.rapt Tuesday News 5-3-11//

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