Wednesday, May 5, 2010

oh hello.

Rapt..... As in rap?
Or wrapping yourself in paper?
No..Rapt, like...rapt up in life!

There is so much about life that circulates and keeps our blood flowing. For every person, this is different and unique. Some people get by on stuff as simple as a cup of coffee and whatever they can find on tv...while others thrive off of extreme sports or arts. Whatever it may be for each of us, we all endeavor for those things that keep us feeling alive. Feeling alive is what it's all about, no matter who you are or what you do!
I'm not really sure why we're all here on this little planet in the middle of a universe we know hardly anything about. I'm also not sure why we're all made so differently or why we feel the things we do. Whether we're just experiencing chemical reactions of the brain or feeling a soul deep inside us that may or may not keep living on after our bodies fail.... Whatever it all means, whatever happens in the future, life is what you make of it and the things that make up our lives are what keeps us moving forward. Its apart of what makes everything worthwhile! We've all got our own pieces of life and when we put them together, that's what connects us and makes us the same.
I'm not much of anything, just a part of the youth that got bored and suddenly wanted to share her ideals and culture interests with others. I've got a lot to say, and a lot to do. Busy college student, who, despite having tons of homework, little time to clean house, or even walk her dog, still has time to sit down and write a blog and dance in her room til 3 in the morning.... hm whats wrong with this picture?

Nada. :]

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