Tuesday, May 11, 2010

night owl.

I am nocturnal. It is my greatest flaw, and creates such difficulties throughout my day. I am not a morning person...how people thrive in the mornings is beside me.

On a typical weekday I'll wince at the sound of my ever-annoying alarm bellowing from my phone at 8:00 a.m. I have it purposely set to the most obnoxious tone in order to wake this heap of girl.
I normally have to think long and hard....hazy questions flood my mind, "What day is it?" "Do I have class?" "Maybe it's Saturday?" "Why??"

When I finally escape the fog of confusion, I realize it's Tuesday and I have class at 10:20 a.m. Campus is 15 miles from where I reside, so I try to get up at least by 8:15 in order to get ready and be there on time. Of course, this never seems to happen. I end up deluding myself into thinking that its ok to sleep longer, and then before I know it it's 8:45 and I'm leaping from the sheets in a desperate attempt to defeat time..... My ride comes at 9:45 a.m. I can't be late or I have no way to class!

You'd be surprised how short an hour can seem when you're trying to beat the clock. I'll avoid looking at the time in order to not freak myself out.

I'm usually always making my ride wait an extra 5 minutes. We'll make it to class a few minutes late.....the lecture hall will watch as I stumble into the room, my hair a frizz-bot and my eyes glazed over from lack of sleep.

I'll fight, literally fight, to stay awake during lecture. My Botany teacher goes on and on about her plants, using big biological words. I'll be staring at the white board with a song in my head or a new scenario to put my current OTP's into.

Time flies by. I am zoned out.

I get out of class at 11:20, and by now I am about to do whatever it takes to crawl back to my bed for some replenishing slumber...

Negatory. The BF needs to visit with his friends and mess around on campus for another half hour. I'll sit at the nearest computer until his indulgence is through.

The struggle to NOT want to nap persists throughout the afternoon as I realize I have too much to do to even consider napping...

When I get home at 9:00 p.m. I am somehow not tired now! Homework beckons, although I seem to always find something better to do... I'll steer away from it until the very last minute.
It's strange how the life of a nocturnal creature works. You can think of nothing else but sleep during the entire day, but once the sun goes down you are automatically revived of your energy... whether or not you've rested. Creativity invades your thoughts, and as if by the pure act of nature, you begin your nightly ventures.
Your internal clock becomes so altered that you are fully incapable of going to bed before midnight. You wait until you are so tired that you can barley stand it--and THEN you know that it's time to sleep. Despite how late it becomes, you simply can't rest until your fatigue is excruciating.

I can see the heads shaking in dismay. How can you live like that? Well--I'm really not sure!
There are times when I do get back into a normal pattern, rising to witness the mornings and sleeping when it is approved of. But usually, if I have a day off from school and I don't have to be at work, sleeping in until noon is THE single greatest thing, next to a small collection of other personal preferences.

As fellow night owls should be well aware of-- sleep is the ultimate!

Oddly enough, I'll still catch myself wishing I could wake up early and join the masses for a sunrise breakfast. I'll continue to convince myself that the a.m. is where it's at.
There's no help for me.

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