Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Donde Esta?

I hate leaving .rapt so vulnerable and quiet....

So my beloved lot, you can further follow .rapt's antics on:

.rapt's TUMBLR

Not that Blogspot won't remain .rapt's main residence...However, with college eating away all my time, I've found it easier to keep up with Tumblr.
.rapt's Tumblr is more of a collection of personal interests. Feel free to poke fun at my obvious love for Regular Show and the hundreds of fandom-related things I rant about. I'm a geek, what can I say.

With Coachella's Lineup looming in the wake of the new year, .rapt will be back up in full swing SOON. I've made the decision that if Coachella's lineup isn't completely orgasmic, I'll take some new chances and attempt to attend the infamous Electric Daisy Carnival in Nevada this June.... It's a decision that I'll make soon.

Hope you had a Happy Christmas and started 2012 off right.

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